Inequality Forum

Event details

  • Thursday | June 14, 2018
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC), Foster Hall 3440 Shroyer Road, Kettering, Ohio
  • 937-304-6333

Reducing the Disparities and Inequities Between Our Region’s 
Black and White Communities

There will be a major information forum at Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC), 3440 Shroyer Road, Kettering, on June 14 at 7-9PM in Foster Hall, to learn more about existing disparities and inequities between the black and white communities in our region. All interested persons are invited to attend.

The goal:  The goal of this effort is for the community to become much more informed about and involved in reducing the disparities and inequities (housing, income, education, health, jobs, and criminalization) between our region’s black and white communities.

The issues: The long-standing glaring disparities and inequities between our region’s black and white communities are clearly described in the recently released The Status of Black Dayton: Opportunities Lost (Miami Valley Urban League) and the Miami Valley Equity Regional Profile (Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission), and are borne out in the experience of the members of our community that already have an active relationship with the black community. [See their websites for copies of these reports.] As Christians, the existence of such dramatic disparities and inequities in our region should move us to want to act reduce them and to understand the origin of and persistence of them.

Information, understanding and action: The speakers at the June 14th event will be: Dr. Rev. Jocelyn Roper (Superintendent of the Miami Valley District United Methodists), Rev. Branford Brown (Executive Director of the Dayton Chapter of the Urban League of Southwest Ohio), and Brian Martin (Executive Director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission).  The speakers will provide guidance and insight based on their experiences and expertise, and will reference the above two reports and other sources. In the latter half of the information forum, the attendees will be divided into small groups to focus on what has been presented and to encourage participants to become involved, by devoting their volunteer time, professional time, talents, expertise, financial resources and prayers.

For more information about the event: Please contact Rich Schultze at 937-304-6333 or