Our Belief

John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action. This emphasis on what Wesley referred to as “practical divinity” has continued to be a hallmark of United Methodism today.  Bellbrook United Methodist Church embraces the Wesleyan concept that “the world is my parish”  as we seek to connect with the world beyond our walls.  We firmly believe that there can be no personal holiness without social holiness.  The church is the space in which we are nurtured for ministry in the world.

Our Core values

We value a caring community of faith with priority placed on prayer, love, and forgiveness.  We value being part of the community that surrounds us and we generously open our building for community group meetings.  We value ministry beyond our building and connections with community service groups.  We value education and tolerance of different opinions.  We value the empowerment of lay people in the congregation and a pastor who supports the ministry of lay people.  We value church life as being important to family life.  We value an inclusive membership with love toward all because God so loved the world.

Five Principles

Radical Hospitality
Passionate Worship
Intentional Faith Development
Risk-Taking Mission and Service
Extravagant Generosity

 Our Vision

To Know God and to serve others.

Our Mission

To be a caring fellowship of believers committed to helping people connect with God, each other, and the world around them.


Barrier free access to our facility
“Our doors are open to all regardless of political affiliation,  race, sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or national origin.”